Floating Lodge Overnight Fishing Trip Package

This floating lodge is located in beautiful Work Channel, up the coast about an hour from Prince Rupert.  The lodge offers a variety of rooms ranging from 4 people to 8 person cabins. Pricing varies at different times of the year. The lodge provides comfy rooms, public showers and washrooms. There is a spectacular common area that has a covered canopy area with numerous dining tables and BBQs for all guests to cook a nice meal at the end of each day, while reminiscing about the days highlights. Its not uncommon to have many different kinds of sea life visit the lodge whether its humpback whales swimming past the lodge on their way to feed in the mouth of the channel, seals and sea lions are observed frequently while at the lodge. You could even hope to see Grizzly bears wondering the shoreline at low tide searching for muscles or clams. The lodge also provides a cold storage area  where you can store your fish, bait and ice is available at the lodge, there is fresh coffee available every morning before we head out for the day.

Lodge Pricing changes numerous times through out the season. The pricing provided is for 4 person rooms during peak season, when we discuss dates for potential trips we will confirm lodging pricing and get back to you before setting the dates.